Library Street Collective
September 2017

Loiza is inspired by the culture of Barrio Loiza and Piñones in Puerto Rico, where roadside Kioskos (kiosks) sell food and offer friends and acquaintances a site to gather, chat, and build community. Loiza includes several components that are markers of comfort and domesticity, including handmade ceramic tile tables, a Jibaro (ancestral) garden made of cinderblock and artificial flowers. Hanging hand-crafted shell macramés that complement a site-specific wall installation. The authenticity of the details, serves to further immerse visitors in an experience and escapism the artist witnessed while visiting the Caribbean Island in his youth. This new site-specific installation with functional sculptures is in what the locals call the “Belt”, a the formerly disused alleyway that Library Street Collective has transformed into a dynamic public exhibition space.

Installation View