Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art

Brooklyn Museum, New York
January 2007

Installation View

Individual Works



Originally created for the exhibition, Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York.

Inspired by the full-length feature film ‘Flyin’ Cut Sleeves’, produced and directed by Henry Chalfant and Rita Fecher.
Video Footage and Interviews Excerpted from the Film, Flyin’ Cut Sleeves
Flyin’ Cut Sleeves Footage Courtesy of Rita Fecher, Henry Chalfant and Zev Greenfield
All Photos Courtesy of Rita Fecher Archives, Zev Greenfield, Benjy & Wanda Melendez Collection
El Pueblo Se Levanta by Irish Morales and Jayne Morrison 1971
Bronx Gang Meeting Footage Courtesy of Ain’t Gonna Eat My Mind, A film by Tony Batten
Black Panthers by Pirkle Jones and Ruth-Marion Baruch
Music by
The Ghetto Brothers
From the Album Power-Fuerza
Available on Salsa International Records

Produced and written by Dzine
Adapted and Edited by
James Fleischel/Picture Show
© Posse, 2010
‘Flyin’ Cut Sleeves’ currently available on DVD at See of Sound